jessica-sandgrenRepublican House District 31 candidate Jessica Sandgren was selected as part of the Republican State Leadership Committee’s (RSLC) “16 for 16” initiative, which features women and minorities running for state level offices as Republicans.  Since 2012, the RSLC has identified and supported 229 women who have won state legislative races as part of its Right Woman, Right Now program.

Inspired by Sandgren’s compelling personal story of going from high school dropout to college graduate and teacher, her passion for education, and her positive vision for Colorado’s future, the RSLC selected Sandgren as the only Colorado candidate in this “16 for 16” release.

Sandgren is running against Joe Salazar, who won the competitive Adams County district by just 221 votes in 2014.  It was the closest election won by a Democrat in 2014.

Sandgren’s positive attitude, personal story, and tireless campaigning presents a unique challenge to Democrats trying to defend this seat, occupied by one of the most abrasive and untactful members of the legislature.