scott tiptonGail Schwartz is trying to distort U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton’s record protecting public lands, using a crystal ball to predict what he intended to vote for, instead of what he actually did.

Western Slope papers aren’t buying it, and now the Pueblo Chieftain has weighed in with equal skepticism.

Tipton says the ads in questions just aren’t true.

“I’ve never once supported, introduced or voted on selling public lands.”

Tipton said her claims are wrong. He also pointed to his helping pass, along with Sen. Michael Bennet and then-Sen. Mark Udall, both Colorado Democrats, the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act of 2012, that designates specified federal lands in San Juan National Forest as the Hermosa Creek Watershed and Protection Area, and the Hermosa Creek Special Management Area as proof of his desire to protect, not sell, federal lands.

Schwartz claims he’s trying to slowly transfer federal lands to the states, which can’t afford the land, and will then be forced to sell it. Is she saying the same for Bennet?

Wanting and doing are two different things. Tipton says he doesn’t want it, hasn’t voted for it, and voting records support his statement.

Her internal polls must be really weak, if she’s resorting to “what if” scenarios to get ahead of Tipton.