trumpOn the day that Donald Trump made yet another swing through the Centennial State, Colorado’s three largest police unions announced their endorsement of the Republican nominee.  These three organizations represent more than 2,800 officers.

The police protective associations representing Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs all lined up behind Trump because of the positive stance that he has towards safer neighborhoods and the law enforcement community.

Nick Rogers, of the Denver Police Protective Association, said, “After thoughtful consideration we wholeheartedly believe Mr. Trump is the only candidate that will protect law-abiding citizens from those who choose to break the law. Mr. Trump’s strong support for law enforcement will help Make America Safe Again.”

In Colorado Springs, the vote of the board of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association was unanimous, and the group issued a statement on behalf of their more than 850 members saying, “Donald Trump’s decisive commitment to both the safety of our citizens and respect for members of the law enforcement community are the motivating factors in providing this endorsement.  We believe Mr. Trump represents the best interests of all Americans.”

Considering how the Democrat party and its key leaders have treated law enforcement over the past few years, we are not surprised by this result.  Law enforcement support for the Trump campaign will play well across large portions of Colorado’s middle class, suburban voters who will determine which candidate carries the state.