Michael BennetIn an interview with 9News reporter Kyle Clark, Michael Bennet admitted to another serious flaw in Obamacare, the second instance in recent days that he has criticized the law that he was once willing to “lose his job” in exchange for his support.

In this latest example of Bennet’s backpedaling on Obamacare, he points out the drastic increases in insurance premiums that are impacting mountain communities.  This is something that the rest of us have actually known for years.

Bennet admitted in the interview that the area from Frisco to Grand Junction and north to Steamboat is “among the most expensive places in America to buy health insurance,” because of a “lack of competition.”  Yes, Obamacare is so messed up that insurers are pulling out left and right, leaving the remaining players with less competition, but less profitable and forced to charge sky high rates to compensate for the high proportion of sick people being pushed into their plans.

Yet Bennet follows that up by placing the blame at the feet of people “just trying to use the healthcare system for politics,” but not at the politicians, like him, who supported the law.

Maybe it’s time to scrap the whole thing along with all the politicians who foisted this disaster upon us.