MorganCarroll smallMorgan Carroll and her supporters are still butt hurt that the editorial board of the Denver Post is not carrying water for her, but, instead, actually taking a measured approach to their coverage of the CD-6 race. Yet, the candidate is actually at the Denver Post offices today, hat in hand, looking for an endorsement.  That should go well.

In an earlier taped conversation, Carroll claimed that she “cannot count on the mainstream media to do real reporting,” that the Denver Post editorial board loves them some Mike Coffman, and she cannot get a fair shake from the mainstream press. Right.

This comes shortly after an embarrassing episode for Carroll, when her supporters challenged the integrity of the Denver Post editorial board, and rightly received a swift and strong rebuke from editor Chuck Plunkett, pointing out that Carroll was struggling.

As Morgan Carroll interviews for the Post’s endorsement today, NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter released a statement saying that “she needs to be clear about whether or not she stands by her previous attacks on the paper’s credibility and integrity.” And demanding to know “does Morgan Carroll still think that that the Post doesn’t do “real reporting?”

We’re guessing that whatever she tells the Denver Post is not going to go to overcome the fact that Mike Coffman’s track record of being a hard working, effective, and well liked Congressman.  Advantage Coffman.