emily-tracy-chain-lawsPerpetual state legislative candidate Emily Tracy may live in Breckenridge, but she apparently has no clue about Colorado chain laws, something that even most Front Range commuters understand as they drive under multiple Colorado Department of Transportation signs alerting truckers of what lies ahead this time of year.

In a knee jerk, there-should-be-a-law-about-that reaction to the closure of I-70 yesterday, Tracy called upon lawmakers (we assume she hopes to be included in that next year) to “strengthen traction law to keep highway safer.”

Most people have noticed from CDOT signs, that starting on September 1, commercial rigs are required to have chains available once they get into the mountains.

Additionally, maybe she doesn’t understand that the state already provides CDOT the authority to order all vehicles – passenger and commercial alike – to chain up or use a similar traction device. The state also can implement requirements for less stringent measures, such as required snow tires or four wheel drive.  Ahhh, flexibility, it’s the beauty of not making everything a law.

Just what new laws does Tracy want to implement? Hopefully, Colorado will never find out, and the fourth time running for the legislature will not be a charm, so Tracy can return to teaching junk science at Colorado Mountain College.