scott tiptonThe Denver Post endorsed U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton for reelection in a solid editorial that extolls his dedication to the Western Slope, bipartisan work and yes, his support for the state’s energy business.

There is little doubt that Tipton is a fierce defender of public lands and for recreation, grazing, water rights, the skiing or the oil and gas industry — despite what his opponent might suggest.

“Multiple Use” is the still the Western Slope mantra, and that’s what Tipton stands for, while Gail Schwartz and her supporters in the environmental movement want to put up “No Trespassing” signs for everyone except the causal hiker.

From the Denver Post:

Tipton strikes an enlightened conservative balance between preserving the environment and public lands and also recognizing the importance of opening up some lands for oil and gas extraction.

The editorial addresses the controversy they initially reported, that SG Interests drafted a bill addressing leases on the Thompson Divide and later contributed money to Tipton’s campaign.

There is no law against what the company did, it’s a common practice. In fact, they have a constitutional right to petition members of Congress, same as the rest of us do.

The difference here is that draft language was never introduced as a bill.

The fact that the bill was never introduced is significant. Tipton said he wants to protect the area, but a lifetime ban on fracking in the area goes too far.

Given the incumbent’s dedication to striking a balance that seeks to strengthen the economy in the district while preserving its unique features, we urge voters to give Tipton another two years to continue the progress.

We could not have said it better ourselves.