Michael BennetMichael Bennet has not shied away from his support of the dangerous deal that the Obama Administration struck with the United States’ sworn enemy, Iran. In fact, Bennet spent the summer doubling down on his support for the disastrous arrangement.

Emboldened by the lifeline that Obama tossed to the Islamic regime, we are seeing Iran’s influence expand in the world, while the United States’ influence diminishes, thanks to the judgment of Bennet and his Democratic colleagues in the Senate.

Now it’s starting to get real, with U.S. lives at stake.  Just this weekend Iranian-backed Houthi rebels launched missiles against a U.S. destroyer that was conducting operations in international waters off the coast of Yemen.  The ship was in the area because the same Iranian-backed group destroyed a UAE-flagged vessel last week.

What does Senator Bennet have to say about this aggression, enabled by the regime that he trusted enough to lift sanctions and to send nearly $2 billion?

What is it with Bennet and Clinton’s disregard for American security and for the preservation of United States’ interests as a power on the world stage?  It seems like both candidates are taking actions to diminish American influence.  And we can plainly see what fills the vacuum when the U.S. is marginalized – and its not good.