Hillary Rodham ClintonThe Real Clear Politics average has Hillary back up seven points in Colorado, but we expect her numbers to dip again very soon, because she is coming to the state to campaign.

You read that correctly. Instead of holding swanky, exclusive fundraisers in Aspen, she’s actually going to hold a public event in a real city where real folks live — Pueblo.

She hasn’t bothered visiting the state in the last two months, thinking she could take the Democratic vote for granted, like Democrats always do.

She will be there Wednesday, though the campaign hasn’t said where or what time. We suppose that’s a good way for them to cut down on attendance, so voters don’t hear what she actually has to say and be turned off by her.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, it’s a voter registration drive … in a state with a high percentage of registered voters.

Perhaps Hillary’s event will be near a graveyard, so they can wrap up the dead vote.