Michael BennetU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet gave a poor audition today to be part of another Clinton administration cabinet, that’s if our worst fears are realized and she’s elected president.

Bennet gave a not-so-rousing, barn-simmering of a speech extolling the virtues of the Democratic presidential nominee. Here are just a few exact quotes from the opening he gave for Hillary:

“I want your vote for Senate.”

“I would like another term.”

We kid you not. He actually begged the audience there to see Hillary, to vote for him. He did add that they should vote for Hillary too, because you know, he can ride those coattails.

Here’s what he actually had to say about Hillary:

“She might not be the best politician in the world.” On that, we can agree.

“She is running on her record.”

That’s good to know, because her criminal record really should be fully examined.
But enough about Hillary, here’s what else Bennet had to say about Bennet:

“I have worked diligently over the last month, last year …” That’s about right, he started working when he came up for reelection.

And our favorite: “I think everybody deserved my representation, whether they vote for me or not.”

We don’t think we deserved Obamacare, we certainly can’t afford it. We also don’t think we deserve a senator who flip flops all over his own record, just so he can insinuate he’s bipartisan, because he votes both ways every chance he gets.