Hillary came to “Peblo,” at least that’s how she stumbled over the pronunciation. About 20 minutes into her speech, she risked it again and managed to make it sound like it’s spelled, which still sounded wrong to our ears.

The only reason she mentioned the city where she was speaking, other than to say hello, was because someone on her campaign Googled Pueblo and discovered it’s where steel is manufactured.

It gave her the opportunity to connect with real people and bring up the fact that her father was a factory worker. Then she backtracked and said it was her grandfather that was a factory worker, daddy was a business owner, probably.

She mentioned the first time she was in Peblo in 1992, because that’s the only visit she remembers, and the dung got really deep when she said, “Bill and I talk about Peblo all the time.”

Yeah, in the last 24-hours maybe, when he was coaching her how to pronounce it.
Other highlights, she asked everyone to vote early and often.

The polls are tightening, because “America wants to turn out and reject the dark, divisive and hateful campaign by my opponent.” She also wants to bring Americans together by insulting their presidential preference, if it’s not her.

She mentioned Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and Utah, and then seemed to forget she was in Colorado because she never mentioned the state. She might have been confused about where she actually was, because she thanked the newspaper that has never endorsed a Democratic candidate before but chose her. Uhm, that would be the Arizona Republic, we’re fairly certain it was not the Pueblo Chieftain.

Then she promised a bunch of free stuff and talked about how much she loved Bernie Sanders, omitting that she stole the Colorado election from him.

She did recognize Sen. Michael Bennet, who spoke on his her behalf earlier. She called him “really special,” and no, we’re not touching that one.

But she did say that “I hope you get out and send him back to Washington.”
On that we can agree, we should send him packing back to his real home in Washington, as a private citizen.