The implosion of former Rep. Scott McInnis’s 2010 gubernatorial run was a political soap opera for the ages. After The Denver Post exposed him as a plagiarist, he lost the GOP primary to Dan Maes – a man who was wholly unqualified to run for office, had completely misrepresented his business background and eagerly repeated crazy conspiracy theories to anyone who would listen.

Scott McInnis

Scott McInnis

After taking major credit for uncovering the plagiarism, and even winning some awards for its coverage of the race, WikiLeak’s latest email dump reveals that it was actually the Dem puppet group ProgressNow who had “carefully passed on information to the mainstream media” about McInnis. ProgressNow Founder Michael Huttner bragged in an email to his donors that he had changed the entire race “without any fingerprints” left behind.

Sadly, it’s not a big surprise that the Democrat operatives are able to so easily use and manipulate the media to their advantage.

Do we really think John Frank dug up the assault accusations against Darrly Glenn that were later dismissed? No, of course not. Those were surely spoon fed to him by Michael Bennet’s campaign.

And even though no one has confirmed Hilary Clinton leaked the tape of Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” on the Access Hollywood bus, does anyone in their right mind believe it wasn’t her?

The timing was just too perfect. Clinton was waiting to use that material to distract the nation from the fact that WikiLeaks revealed her dream for America is completely open borders. And that she believes a single-payer, government run health care system is the best direction for our country.

Every reporter loves a good oppo dump, but let’s all stop pretending like these hit pieces are the result of good investigative work and not the media playing directly into the hands of partisan operatives.