EPAThe federal government has investigated itself, and decided they are not to blame for the Gold King Mine blowout they caused, and therefore they cannot hold themselves criminally responsible for what they did.

The inspector general, a position appointed by the president, says the Obama administration will not prosecute the EPA employee who did it, or hold the agency responsible, but instead will prepare a report.

Right after the government made this announcement, they ran and hide. From the Durango Herald:

Immediately after the announcement was sent, the Office of Inspector General’s spokesman Jeffrey Lagda posted that the would be out of the office until 2:30 p.m. Thursday. He later said in an email that he “cannot comment on the investigation at this stage.”

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton was more to the point, and says that “the EPA’s response or lack of response is bigger than any one employee and was the result of numerous failures at multiple levels at the EPA.”

Other Republican House leaders are also outraged at the hypocrisy — proof that the government has one set of rules for Americans, and a completely different set of rules for government.

Remember this when you cast your ballots because with Hillary, Gail Schwartz and Michael Bennet, we can expect more of the same.