In May, Gov. John Hickenlooper partied with Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Governor and then-presidential candidate, at the sine die party celebrating the end of Colorado’s legislative session. We wrote about the two men acting chummy, and at the time we thought we were the only ones calling out Hick for cozying up to O’Malley while simultaneously trying to earn a spot on Hilary Clinton’s ticket.

But we were wrong. Turns out former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb was also writing about the Hick/O’Malley siting. In what can only be described as tattling, Webb emailed photo evidence (no joke, his aide took the pic) to Clinton adviser John Podesta and other campaign aides. With the added commentary: “Seems too coincidental that the two were at this event.”

(H/t WikiLeaks, you are the gift that keeps on giving.)

Webb was probably trying to imply that Hick was being two-faced and perhaps shouldn’t be trusted. Except too bad for him nobody likes a tattle tale. It’s obvious that Webb was really trying to elevate his own importance in the eyes of the Clinton camp.

Well, here’s a little pro tip for him: throwing someone who should be your colleague under the bus and then backing over him isn’t a great way to make friends.