Ken BuckIs anyone at the Denver Post reviewing the content being hung on the newspaper’s website by the enthusiastic, but sometimes misguided CU News Corps critics?  Some editorial oversight may be in order.

In their latest dispatch, News Corps fact checkers call out Congressman Ken Buck’s assertion that climate change is not a valid national security issue based on their reading of some documents published by the Pentagon in recent years.

Newsflash:  who cares if bureaucrats in Obama’s Defense Department claim that climate change is a major national security threat – that does not necessarily make it so.  This is exactly Buck’s point.
Buck is well aware of these pondering coming out of the DoD.  In fact, he co-sponsored legislation demanding that the Pentagon stop burning through cash studying the matter.  As a Member of Congress, Buck has an oversight responsibility regarding the United States’ military, and how the federal government spends money.

Congressman Buck wants a military focused on defending the nation from hostile foreign powers and non-state actors that would do us harm.  Nowhere in that equation do the unproven theories about climate change play a role.

No fact checking necessary here, kids.  The Pentagon’s musings about climate change are not fact – no matter how official a document called the Quadrennial Defense Review sounds. This is nothing more than a Member of Congress demanding some accountability out of the federal government.