It’s no secret that liberal University of Colorado Regent Alice Madden has come under fire recently for her gig at CU. Not only are folks questioning whether she was given a cushy job making $110,000 per year as a part-time employee so she could run for office, but everyone is wondering whether she will have a conflict of interest should she be elected.

In a recent telephone townhall Madden hosted, she claimed that voters need not worry their pretty little heads about such things because her reputation has never ever been called into question. The only problem is that she either has selective amnesia or she’s lying.

In 2009, Madden was specifically chastised by an article in the Denver Post for being Ritter’s climate guru while also taking a $3,000 per month stipend from the Center for American Progress. In fact, the article specifically said that she had a “clear conflict of interest”. Shortly after it was discovered that Madden was moonlighting as a liberal operative, she was forced to resign her post with Center for American Progress.

Madden’s assertion that her reputation has never been called into question is just plain false. The Denver Post editorial board called it into question and she had to resign. If that’s not calling a reputation into question, we don’t know what is.