Not the nominee.

Not the nominee.

Former presidential contender Bernie Sanders was in Boulder Monday to campaign for Hillary Clinton Amendment 69, the ColoradoCare measure that would bankrupt taxpayers to create so-called “universal” health care that Hillary championed as first lady.

Despite the enthusiastic support by college students who have yet to learn any better, most Coloradans oppose the measure, which is probably why Hillary sent Bernie in to pump it up.

That wily lady has a way of having her cake, and eating it, too.

“The current American healthcare system is dysfunctional and it has to change,” he said. “Colorado can send a shot that will be heard all over the country and all over the world.

So Obamacare didn’t wave a magic wand to “fix” healthcare and it’s still dysfunctional?

We would argue it only needed a few fixes to begin with, not a complete overhaul, and certainly not the disaster that Amendment 69 would unleash on our wallets, and our healthcare.

If you thought Obamacare was awful, Hillarycare would topple that record.