epaThe EPA lost a significant federal court battle against the coal industry this week that will reverberate throughout the energy sector and make the federal agency comply with its own regulations.

The ruling says the EPA must abide by rules that require them to track jobs losses that will result from their regulations. Pretty simple, but the EPA has insisted that wasn’t so much a rule, as a guideline.

Federal Judge John Preston Bailey disagreed:

“EPA cannot redefine statutes to avoid complying with them. Nor can EPA render them superfluous or contrary to their original purpose by simply defining them to be,” Bailey concluded.

The EPA consistently holds itself above the laws passed by Congress, whether it’s causing the pollution or trying to regulate the entire fossil fuel energy industry out of business.

That agency is in desperate need of a strong hand from the White House to rein them in, not another Democrat who will allow, and in some cases, encourage those bureaucrats to run amok.

In three weeks, we will get that chance. Use it wisely.