okeefe-videoYes, we know. James O’Keefe is a controversial figure. But, damn, some of the stuff he caught on camera in his second video is pretty explosive and Colorado media is turning a blind eye. His first video talked about agitators hired to disrupt Republican – namely Trump – rallies. We linked Democratic operative Laura Chapin, who works for Democratic CO-06 hopeful Morgan Carroll and CU Regent wannabe Alice Madden, to the organization. So far, silence from Chapin, Carroll, Madden and the entire Colorado press corps.

The second video addresses voter fraud. According to Democratic operatives featured in the video, Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s husband, Bob Creamer, head of Democracy Partners, is someone Democrats can count on to do dirty work like, potentially, transport voters across state lines to vote in multiple states. As it turns out, Democracy Partners has a few clients with which Coloradans should be familiar. Here’s a partial list (we say partial because this is just what’s on the Democracy Partners website) of Colorado-specific organizations and elected officials that Democracy Partners lists as clients:

  • Democratic Party of Colorado
  • OneColorado
  • Rep. Ed Perlmutter
  • Rep. Jared Polis

Here is a list of organizations that have a presence in Colorado and also are Democracy Partner clients:

  • League of Conservation Voters
  • NextGen Climate Action Partners (Tom Steyer’s group)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Compassion and Choices
  • American Heart Association
  • Comcast Corp.
  • MoveOn.org
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Democracy Alliance (originally Colorado Democracy Alliance or CoDA)
  • Americans United for Change
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Organizing for Action

Will the national or Colorado media ask these organizations what role Bob Creamer and Democracy Partners played in turning out voters and whether those voters were eligible to vote? Does gubernatorial hopeful Rep. Ed Perlmutter condone these illegal activities and deliberate law skirting?  Is anyone going to ask Reps. Perlmutter and Polis these tough questions? Anyone?