democrat-republicanThe historic rise of black candidates in the Colorado Republican Party stands in stark contrast to the all-white ticket of Democrats seeking to keep their seats in Congress this year.

That’s the take-away of a must-read piece by Valerie Richardson in the Washington Times, which puts our races under the microscope, and how black candidates running for higher office here are changing the debate about race.

Darryl Glenn is running against Michael Bennet for Senate, and Casper Stockham is challenging U.S. Rep. Dianna DeGette. Both are underdogs challenging the status quo of Washington, and stereotypical thinking of Democrats who call everyone that disagrees with them, a racist.

… Colorado Republican Party Vice Chairman Derrick Wilburn, who is also black, said the Glenn and Stockham campaigns have benefited the Republican Party by demonstrating what he has long maintained: that white Republicans “would crawl through glass to vote for a black Republican candidate.”

The article also takes on the sensitive topic of police violence and race, take the time to read it, here.