In politics, candidates are often presented with ads written against them that they dislike, and they must decide how to handle the situation.  If a candidate throws a fit, and does something extreme, like going to the District Attorney, there is the distinct possibility that the process will completely backfire, with tons more people knowing about the ad than would have ever seen it.

It looks like SD-19 candidate Rachel Zenzinger has chosen to throw a fit, and now her tantrum may cost her.

At issue is a mailer that points out numerous examples of Zenzinger’s reckless spending.  The candidate takes offense to a remark that she voted for a taxpayer-funded junket to a so-called “sister city” in China as a member of the Arvada City Council.

First of all, she absolutely did vote for that.  She later made a motion to qualify that public funds not be used for the trip after there was blowback from her fellow city councilmembers, but that does not negate the fact that she voted for the “sister city” trip to China in the first place.

Interestingly, that is the only part of the mailer that Zenzinger objected to in her complaint to the Jefferson County DA.  We guess she is admitting to taking money from lobbyists illegally, and is cool with that.

Also, we assume she has no problem with the 39% ratchet up in Arvada government spending while on city council, and she agrees with the claim that she grew the state payroll by an astonishing 1,200 bureaucrats in a single year. We think that the cost of that waste far outstrips any coin that may or may not have been on the table for the China trip.