In a segment of yesterday’s CD-6 debate that allowed candidates to ask one another questions, Mike Coffman went right to the heart of the scandal-ridden Clinton candidacy and asked Morgan Carroll what she thought about Clinton’s lawless mishandling of classified information.  The answer wasn’t one that instills confidence.

Carroll immediately parroted Clinton’s excuse, defending her criminal acts as “a mistake,” but in the same breath says that she doesn’t defend the actions, and then saying that the uproar was “a political strategy against a partisan candidate.”

Depending on committee assignments, if elected, there is a good chance that Morgan Carroll will be read in on various classified programs and related national security information.  Should someone seeking election to the United States Congress have such a cavalier attitude towards the security of the nation’s secrets?  Clinton actively conspired to circumvent national security protocols over the course of years, and Carroll will not condemn that?

That does not sit well with most Americans, and more Democrat politicians should be asked if they are willing to condemn Clinton’s premeditated, illegal acts that placed her personal agenda ahead of the nation’s security.