john-hickenlooper-2John Hickenlooper is taking part in a nationally-funded dark money campaign against Colorado Senate Republicans.  In this thirty-second spot just released by America Votes, a “social welfare” non-profit group that refuses to disclose the donors who are funding its operations. It is widely speculated that George Soros is the driving force behind the organization that Hickenlooper is working with here. Wait, don’t Democrats hate dark money? Odd.

Perhaps this is Hickenlooper’s payment to the national Democrat powers who may be in a position to slip him a sweet gig in a possible Clinton administration?  Now, thanks to Wikileaks, we can see that the Clinton campaign has been trying to keep Soros “happy.”   In light of that, it would make perfect sense for Hickenlooper to kiss the Clinton/Soros ring one more time as we head into the home stretch of the campaign.

Hickenlooper’s cameo appearance in the ad for this dark money PAC comes on the heels of him illegally using the governor’s office to campaign for another PAC, the Democratic Senate Campaign Fund.  Hickenlooper knew that it was illegal to use his office and the state seal to do so, but when forced to pull the spot, Hickenlooper’s staff was just conceding “an error.”

We find it a tad bit ironic to hear Democrats squeal when the Koch brothers set up a PAC, but look the other way when Soros, Clinton, and Hickenlooper are playing the same card. Oh, and as for those TV stations running the ad, they say they are not required to disclose ad buy amount because it’s not express advocacy and not of national importance. Riiiiiight.