Jared Polis Bloody NoseIt turns out that Hillary and her buddy U.S. Rep. Jarod Polis have been flip-flopping all along when it comes to their stance on fracking, according to a newly released email from WikiLeaks.

Not only that, but Hillary’s campaign team, including its chairman John Podesta, seem to think they have the Denver Post in their back pocket, and can persuade them to write whatever they want.

The email also reveals that Conservation Colorado, the local League of Conservation Voters, is an arm of the campaign.

The email discussion focuses on an ad Bernie Sanders launched in Colorado in February, that stated his staunch opposition to fracking.

The Clinton campaign team discussed how to counter the ad, suggesting they use the Denver Post to call Bernie’s stance unreasonable, recruit Conservation Colorado to say that an anti-fracking stance is extreme, and to call in Polis to their defense, because he’s all pro fracking.

Check out this exchange:

I think we can get Polis if we want him to. he does not like that he is
painted as anti-fracking in the press and this is an opportunity for him to
push off sanders and appear more reasonable. It also benefits us—a
I am going to quietly check with Conservation Colorado (the state LCV) and
see if they have an appetite for pushing back on Sanders.
I think the Denver Post Ed Board could smack Sanders if we want them to but
that makes it a bigger fight.

Jaw-dropping, right?

The email reveals that they needed to show their support for fracking, yet less than two weeks later she pledged to stop fossil fuels and during that CNN debate said: “By the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place.”

The spin Clinton’s team wanted to go with in February, was that Sanders was the only candidate to oppose fracking.

We’re still scratching our head over the Clinton team’s belief that Polis is not anti-fracking. We suspect this will come as news to his supporters.