Gail shrugs in response to all questions.

We imagine this is what Gail looks like when she’s not answering questions about ColoradoCare.

Gail Schwartz, the Democrat candidate for CD-3, has refused to take a position on Amendment 69, also known as ColoradoCare.  Amendment 69 is a wildly unpopular measure, opposed by every Republican office holder that we know of, and also opposed by many leading Democrats in the state, including ProgressNow Colorado. So, this should be a no-brainer for Schwartz.

In a profile story published today in the Cortez Journal, Schwartz “declined to say whether she supported or condemned Amendment 69.”  A shocking non-stance on one of the most important ballot issues facing Colorado voters this fall.

“Coloradans deserve answers to basic questions and it’s stunning that Gail Schwartz is such a calculating politician that she refused to answer such a simple question,” said Tipton spokesman Michael Fortney. “Clearly, Gail Schwartz is afraid to take a position on Amendment 69 because she has calculated that her answer could hurt her politically with either her aggressively liberal supporters, or the common sense voters who oppose the measure. It’s time to take a position Gail, the third district is waiting.”

The Schwartz campaign is running around saying that this is a competitive race.  We are not so sure about this, but she sure seems like an unserious candidate by not even coming clean on this basic issue.  CD-3 voters deserve to know if Schwartz is in favor of this disastrous tax increase and dangerous government take over of our health care system.

We’re waiting….