This era of political discourse has brought with it a culture in which someone is always taking offense to something, so how can you tell if someone is feigning outrage?   Simple, they only get pissed off when you say something negative about a Democrat, but whatever you say about a Republican is fair game.

Case and point: the race for Senate District 19 between Democrat Rachel Zenzinger and Republican Sen. Laura Woods.

Democrats have been beside themselves over attack ads highlighting Zenzinger’s vote to use taxpayer money for a trip to China, and they’ve now gotten the Anti-Defamation League involved. This week, the ADL sent out a press release that condemned the use of “racial stereotypes” in the race, citing a mailer that included “a photograph of Zenzinger that inserted a traditional Vietnamese bamboo hat on her head, as well as references of “putting the Zen in Zenzinger.””

But Democrat attack ads against Woods throw every negative female stereotype at her imaginable, showing her as an erratic driver, irrationally angry and a flake. The ADL, however, doesn’t seem to care about these sexist and unfair attacks, and we can only assume its because Woods is a Republican.