democrat-republicanAfter years of scandal swirling around Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has finally addressed what that says about the woman who wants to be trusted to run this country, and it’s weaker than a newborn kitten.

The good outweighs the bad, Bennet says.

Bennet has been relentlessly campaigning on the fallacy that he is bipartisan. And by bipartisan, he means he will cosponsor dozens of minor Republican bills that are not controversial, and support major Democratic bill that most certainly do matter, like Obamacare.

It also appears to mean that he can throw his unwavering support behind the Democratic presidential nominee throughout the bombshells of Wikileaks revelations, while calling the Republican nominee a sexual predator.

In Bennet’s world, bipartisanship means he will work with Republicans only when they agree with Democrats, and if Donald Trump is elected president, Bennet will resort to playground politics and call him names.

Here’s more of Bennet’s bipartisan spirit from the Denver Post:

“This guy has been a wrecking ball,” Bennet said. “He’s used his unbelievably unique opportunity to be the nominee of a political party for the presidency — he’s used it to be corrosive, he’s used it to be divisive.”

It was easy for Bennet to act magnanimous when a Democrat was in the White House, but as for his so-called bipartisan spirit? It’s non-existent when he actually has to work with a Republican in power.