Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump made his first of two Colorado weekend appearances when he addressed an overflow crowd estimated at 6,000 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden.  So many people showed up for the event that a secondary viewing area was established with a large screen TV for people who could not get into the venue.

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The speech came a day after the shocking announcement from the FBI that it will re-open its investigation about Clinton’s illegal handling of classified material.

While Trump delivered a wide-ranging speech about Islamic terrorism, job creation, energy, Obamacare premium hikes and plan cancellations, immigration, and corruption in Washington, the candidate saved his best lines of the afternoon for Clinton’s latest email scandal that now poses an existential threat to the Clinton campaign.

Trump called the months of scandal related to Clinton’s illegal handling of classified information the “biggest political scandal since Watergate” and reminded the crowd that “her criminal action was deliberate.”

Trump reminded the multitudes at the event that “she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk,” and that “she deleted 33,000 emails after she received a Congressional subpoena.”

He rehashed the fact that Clinton lied to Congress under oath and lied to the FBI, emphasizing one of Clinton’s most bold and outrageous lies, when she pretended not to know what the letter “c” meant in emails.

While the FBI still has not received a warrant to read the thousands of emails that it uncovered on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s computers, Trump speculated that the seized devices could contain some of the 33,000 missing emails that Clinton “deleted and bleached” after receiving the Congressional subpoena.

Today, Trump will swing through Greeley to give a speech on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado. We anticipate another outpouring of support.