U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, who has apparently been moonlighting as a detective and is now an expert in criminal matters, insists there is nothing to see in the train wreck that is now Hillary Clinton’s investigation campaign.

Perlmutter emphasized that e-mails at the center of the FBI investigation do not involve any sent to or from Clinton, but rather involve a laptop shared by former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, a top campaign adviser.

That is not what FBI Director James Comey told Congress. Perlmutter’s grand assumptions are desperate political spin, designed to reassure a nervous Democratic base that is about to elect a president who is arrogantly careless with America’s classified information.

Comey did not say the newly revealed emails do not involve Clinton, he said the documents may contain classified information that are pertinent to the investigation of whether Hillary was using a non-secured server to share classified information.

That server was scrubbed clean of evidence, but it appears that a computer used by Abedin was not.

A reasonable conclusion, is that the FBI found emails on the device that contain classified information, which passed through Hillary’s server.

Despite Perlmutter’s lame assertion that Republicans are just making desperate noise, it’s the Democrats who are rightfully frantic their base will not turn out to vote for a candidate who has spent most of the campaign dodging an FBI investigation.