Rachel Zenzinger: Not laughing

Democratic candidate for Senate District 19, Rachel Zenzinger, has been obsessively freaking out about ads that attack her for voting to use taxpayer money to fund a trip to China. She’s desperately tried to get an ad taken off the air, though TV networks have deemed the content of the ads truthful. She’s filed a complaint with the JeffCo DA’s office, and she even threatened to sue the TV stations that refuse to take down the ad.

Now, the third party group behind the ads, Colorado Citizens for Accountable Governments, is responding to Zenzinger by saying she is “using her attorneys as her number one campaign staffer” and that she is “digging such a deep hole for herself… that she may end up making it to China after all.”

Let us just say on behalf of everyone with a sense of humor: LOL!

Zenzinger’s temper tantrum over this line of attack reveals her to be someone who is terribly thin skinned and doesn’t have the grit required to be in a tough race. SD 19 could determine which party controls the state Senate. That means your opponents are going to find the worst things you’ve done and put as much money as possible toward highlighting those things. This is the reality of political campaigns, and if you can’t hack it then get out of the race.

CCAG spokesman Matt Connelly goes on to criticize Zenzinger, saying:

“… her harebrained scheme to jam up Colorado’s court system to serve herself instead of allowing them to prosecute actual criminals is flat pathetic. No matter how much Rachel Zenzinger whines, or how many temper tantrums she throws, it won’t change the fact that Coloradans don’t want to pay for cynical politicians like Rachel Zenzinger to use a public office to serve themselves instead of using it to serve the people of Colorado.”

Bottom line: The claim about her voting to use public money to go to China is true. The attack ads aren’t going away. The crusade to discredit the attack has moved from pitiful to embarrassing. At least CCAG gets the joke.