MorganCarroll smallLast week, Morgan Carroll was bragging about her fundraising prowess, so we thought we’d take a quick look at what Carroll’s contribution reports may reveal about her campaign – and it isn’t looking good for the little guy. While Carroll t-shirts imply “real results” if CD-6 voters send her to Washington, her FEC filings read like a who’s who list of crony capitalists and Denver trial lawyers. Just what kind of “real results” will Carroll be looking to achieve with this stable of supporters?

Frank Azar, “The Strong Arm of the Law,” whose personal injury practice gained fame through its flashy commercials during daytime television made a max-out contribution.

Both of the named partners of Bachus & Schanker, ambulance chasing lawyers with ads that troll Denver city buses for business, made $2,700 contributions.

Chad Hemmat, another star of the airwaves and billboards, who literally advertises himself as a “slip and fall” injury attorney for victims of cracked sidewalks, chipped in the maximum contribution.

From outside of Colorado, we have Lyndon Rive, the CEO of SolarCity, one of the most notorious, taxpayer subsidy-driven enterprises in America, who chipped in the maximum contribution as well. While government oversight of private business matters continues to be a centerpiece of Democratic overreach, Tesla’s purchase of the struggling green energy company was called “a marriage made in corporate governance hell” by, and widely panned by both the business press and mainstream media.

We have reported in the past about her conflicts of interests and crony capitalism ties. This post barely scratches the surface of campaign contributions from trial lawyers and companies such as SolarCity, who rely on the government to create a permissive “business” environment.