Your vote countsA note to our Democratic friends: nobody hands out any medals two weeks before the elections. As Democrats breathlessly reported on their perceived lead in last week’s very early return numbers, we have seen their share of the ballot count deteriorate every day. This morning, as the weekend’s surge of votes comes into focus, it looks like the momentum is behind Republicans.

With one week to go, the Democrat share of returned ballots has sunk to 37.4%, this is below their 38.2% share of yesterday’s numbers, and far off the 42.2% of the ballots that they claimed last Monday. Meanwhile, the Republican share of the total climbed yet again yesterday.

As of today’s report, 1,067,685 ballots have been turned in. We estimate this to be close to 40% of what will be the vote total, as the 2012 election saw 2,569,516 presidential votes cast in Colorado. This morning’s ballot chase break down is below:

Republican ballots returned: 371,746
Democrat ballots returned: 399,341
Unaffiliated ballots returned: 223,540
Other party ballots returned: 14,753

Some key counties are below. Totals may not equal because third party ballots are excluded.


Democrat: 28,680
Republican: 20,162
Unaffiliated: 18,776
Total: 68,549


Democrat: 45,146
Republican: 38,516
Unaffiliated: 29,770
Total: 114,930


Democrat: 70,941
Republican: 18,504
Unaffiliated: 29,987
Total: 121,158


Democrat: 18,038
Republican: 33,883
Unaffiliated: 29,987
Total: 70,972

El Paso

Democrat: 31,377
Republican: 57,802
Unaffiliated: 31,801
Total: 123,141


Democrat: 48,203
Republican: 43,715
Unaffiliated: 38,131
Total: 131,682


Democrat: 24,562
Republican: 24,532
Unaffiliated: 20,867
Total: 70,998


Democrat: 12,611
Republican: 20,081
Unaffiliated: 12,242
Total: 45,551