Darryl Glenn

Darryl Glenn

With a week left before the election, Republican challenger Darryl Glenn is closer than ever to knocking off the second Democrat U.S. Senator from Colorado in as many years.

An extensive CBS News poll conducted between October 26 and 28, shows Glenn just five points behind the entrenched incumbent who dodged debates, has refused to return more than $20,000 in tainted money from a Boston personal injury law firm that is suspected of facilitating strawman political contributions, and cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.

Regarding the latest poll, Glenn remarked, “With 8 days out, this poll demonstrates that we have momentum on our side. Coloradans are demanding a change: they recognize that Michael Bennet has been a disaster. His liberal voting record and continued support of Obamacare have crushed Colorado’s families. It’s time for Coloradans to have a Senator who will be accountable to their needs, and I will be that senator.”

The contrast between Bennet and Glenn could not be more striking.  Michael Bennet grew up in Washington D.C. and attended the elite St. Alban’s School in the shadow of the National Cathedral.  Darryl Glenn attended public schools in Colorado Springs.  Michael Bennet attended Wesleyan University as a legacy, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, and then went on to Yale Law School.  Darryl Glenn clawed his way into the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Michael Bennet held various jobs throughout the government bureaucracy, Glenn served 21 years in the military.

While Bennet has a massive fundraising advantage and the power of incumbency, he lacks Glenn’s drive, grit, and determination – and, frankly, charisma.  This, combined with the recent surge in Republican ballot returns, is going to make the U.S. Senate race in Colorado much closer than many expected just a few weeks ago. Evidence this is true? Michael Bennet has actually started campaigning.