democrat-republicanHillary is having terrible timing in Colorado, where Donald Trump spent the last few days campaigning in person as the details spilled forth about the new scandal engulfing her efforts to be president.

Hillary herself appears to be avoiding our state, home of the unsecured server and its employees who have immunity deals with the government and plead the Fifth in front of congressional investigators to avoid jail time for themselves and their former employer.

National and Colorado polls now show Trump and Hillary neck-and-neck for the finish, so the Democratic nominee is going to pull up her big girl pants and return to Colorado for a last campaign swing before Election Day and explain herself to voters.

Just kidding, she’s sending Bernie Sanders, that guy who really won the state’s Democratic primary.

There’s no date or time set for his appearance, which will give the liberal base the diversion it needs to forget that Hillary is the disgraced one running for president.

With less than a week to go in the final push for the finish, Hillary has all but disappeared from the campaign trail, with only five events scheduled: Three stops in Florida today, Arizona on Wednesday and North Carolina on Thursday.

It’s not just Bernie she’s sending out to front her campaign to voters and avoid the limelight that is her scandalous existence on this planet, she’s also sending Cher, Katy Perry, Jay Z and Jon Bon Jovi.

And her husband, Bill. Who could forget Bill? Because if you thought his administration was shameful, Hillary is already making that look like a cakewalk.