Look, we may disagree with Sen. Bennet on many issues, but we do wish him good health. But, apparently, not everyone feels that way – not even those on his staff. Over the weekend, a tracker had one of the most bizarre conversations with any staffer we’ve seen this election season so far. Apparently, Sen. Bennet’s staffer wants him to get hit by a bus.

Just watch the video:

Here’s a transcript:

Staffer: “Hey Kevin.”
Tracker: “Yes sir?”
Staffer: “You know what the best footage would be?”
Tracker: “What?”
Staffer: “If Senator Bennet gets hit by a bus.”
Tracker (laughs nervously): “I don’t know. I don’t know about that.”
Staffer: “You’d be, you’d be like, they’d be putting you up in any hotel anywhere. You’d never have to drive back to Denver again.”

OK, then. Well, we certainly hope that Sen. Bennet does not get hit by a bus, despite our policy disagreements. But, Senator, we gotta warn you, look out for your staffers….