Your vote countsOnce again, the Democrats’ total share of returned ballots fell with this morning’s Secretary of State daily report. Their overall share of mail-in and in-person ballots has diminished every single day since the ballot count began last Monday.

Since yesterday, the Democrats’ share of the votes fell another approximate 0.7% statewide. Five days out, the returns are comprised of 36.2% Democrat ballots and 35.2% Republican. As we mentioned yesterday, if this daily trend that has developed over the past two weeks continues, Democrats will wake up on election day trailing Republicans in the share of ballots cast.

On average, Democrats have seen their share of the returned ballots decline by approximately 0.75% per day. Today, Democrats are holding on to a precarious lead, claiming 36.9% of the returned ballots, compared to 35.0% for the Republicans. If this trend continues, Democrats will wake up on election day with a lower share of returned ballots than Republicans.

As of today’s report, 1,406,573 ballots have been turned in. We estimate this to be more than one half of the vote total, as the 2012 election saw 2,569,516 presidential votes cast in Colorado. This morning’s ballot chase break down is below:

Republican ballots returned: 494,757
Democrat ballots returned: 508,938
Unaffiliated ballots returned: 383,275
Other party ballots returned: 19,603

Some key counties are below. Totals may not equal because third party ballots are excluded.


Democrat: 37,089
Republican: 27,236
Unaffiliated: 26,163
Total: 91,761


Democrat: 59,774
Republican: 52,710
Unaffiliated: 42,101
Total: 156,637


Democrat: 89,747
Republican: 24,326
Unaffiliated: 40,376
Total: 156,727


Democrat: 23,119
Republican: 46,714
Unaffiliated: 25,057
Total: 96,127

El Paso

Democrat: 39,321
Republican: 75,211
Unaffiliated: 42,066
Total: 159,31


Democrat: 61,949
Republican: 59,125
Unaffiliated: 52,728
Total: 176,052


Democrat: 30,450
Republican: 31,675
Unaffiliated: 27,492
Total: 90,964


Democrat: 16,296
Republican: 27,053
Unaffiliated: 17,017
Total: 61,204