democratA new Colorado poll shows voters are turning on Hillary, who is now tied with Trump to take the state on Election Day.

Neck-and-neck at 39 percent, the new poll by the University of Denver and Floyd Ciruli would explain why Hillary is forking over $40,000 to buy a single TV ad during the next Broncos game.

Although other polls are showing that Darryl Glenn within five points of beating incumbent U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Ciruli’s poll shows an eight point spread with Bennet in the lead, but nine percent were still undecided.

From the Denver Post:

Either way, it represents a significant shift from earlier in the race when Bennet held a comfortable double-digit lead.

Despite Democrats’ assurances that the election results are not to be questioned, and Trump’s questioning of election results, it appears that Democrats are the ones with trust issues.

If Trump wins, 47 percent of Hillary voters say they would question the legitimacy, while only 13 percent of Trump supporters say they would question the legitimacy of a Hillary win.

In other poll news, Coloradans want voters to determine how much minimum wage workers are paid, don’t want more government-controlled health care they can’t afford, think old people should be able to die when they want to, and are deadlocked on cigarette taxes.