Michael BennetToday, embattled U.S. Senator Michael Bennet surprisingly appeared with scandal-magnet President Bill Clinton to the campaign trail. Below are ten of Bill Clinton’s scandals. Given Bennet’s willingness to appear with Clinton, we have to ask – does he approve of Clinton’s behavior? Does he approve of Clinton’s sexual antics or pay to play or any of this?  Will the media have the cojones to ask Sen. Bennet what he thinks of these scandals?

10. Bill’s speeches: We’re not going to begrudge someone earning a living, but damn hundreds of thousands per speech? Bill Clinton delivered 22 paid speeches in 2015 for $5,250,000, so that’s an average of $240,000 per speech.

9. China Syndrome: Remember when China was donating or trying to donate to the Democratic National Committee before the 1996 presidential campaign?  The scandal ended up with the indictment of 48, yes you read that right, 48, people. Good grief. Is Michael Bennet giving approval to these shenanigans?

8. Pardons for sale: Remember when Clinton pardoned his super donor Marc Rich? Too bad not everyone can be rich like Marc. The rest of us would just have to rot in jail. Does Michael Bennet, a lawyer, approve of unequal treatment before the law?

7. De-FILE-ing opponents: Remember when the Clintons used FBI files to find dirt on their political opponents? Hmmm, maybe that’s why the FBI hates them….

6. Travelgate: Remember this first Clinton White House scandal? If only it stopped there….

5. Whitewater: This was a tangled web of shady real estate dealings. Some say Vince Foster died because of what he knew in this case. The Clintons have long since moved on from such plebian ventures.

4. Troopergate: Why have your secretary arrange adulterous trysts when you can have state-funded police troopers do it for you. Yes, that’s what Bill did. Don’t be like Bill.

3. Gennifer Flowers: Good grief, this was a mess. Bill allegedly had an affair with Flowers and she recorded his phone calls. If you love Anthony Weiner, you’ll love circa 1992 Bill Clinton and the abhorrent way he treated women.

2. Monica Lewinsky: Bill had sex with an intern in the Oval Office. It doesn’t get more low-brow than that. Oh, wait, it does. Then, Hillary smeared this young woman all over the media, effectively ruining her life. Talk about a war on women…. Does Bennet approve of this type of war on women?

1. Clinton Foundation: While Hillary most maligned for her pay to play schemes regarding the Clinton Foundation, Bill is a key player there, too. Sure, he wasn’t greasing skids as Secretary of State like Clinton, but he sure was laughing all the way to the bank.

Does Bennet approve of these scandals and the countless others that the Clintons have been embroiled with?