moneyU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet appears desperate in his reelection bid, begging supporters for a last-minute infusion of cash he says is needed to win.

Citing two recent polls that show his lead “has shrunk dramatically,” Bennet’s campaign says “the news is so dire” they need $25,000 by midnight.

“We’re losing ground with just seven days until Election Day and Politico is calling Michael Bennet ‘the only true vulnerable Democratic incumbent.’”

Seriously, Michael?

Your campaign has already raised more than $13 million, and yet you still need folks to pitch in for a measly $25,000 or you will lose?

It’s like the worst investment pitch, ever.

Bennet is asking for $5 from each contributor, who we think would be better served if they saved themselves the online processing fee, and just flushed a $5 bill down the toilet.