global warming

Hillary appears to be in such dire straights, that instead of focusing on bringing independent voters into her camp, her campaign has been laser-focused on solidifying her far-left base.

Exhibit A: First Chelsea, then Bernie, and now Al Gore is making a last-minute visit to campaign for Hillary in Boulder, of all places.

If she hasn’t locked down the Boulder vote by now, she’s in huge trouble.

The schedule was set before the FBI announced, again, that it would not file charges against Hillary for being incompetent, after a rapid-fire review of 600,000 emails in less than a week.

The FBI cleared Hillary Clinton for a second time Sunday, saying it hasn’t found anything in the new emails obtained from Huma Abedin’s laptop to change the findings from this summer that the former secretary of state was reckless with classified information but couldn’t be prosecuted for it.

In July, Mr. Comey said Mrs. Clinton was “extremely careless” with top secret information, and may have had her secret email server hacked by foreign governments. But he said she was so inept that no prosecutor could show she intentionally risked national security — undercutting the chances of a criminal case.

Gore will be in Boulder Monday to talk about the same issue he’s been campaigning on for 16 years, global warming. Our fingers are crossed for snow.