This might come as a shock to Coloradans who view liberal U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet as a moderate, but he’s not. At a fundraiser last week near Carbondale, Bennet admitted that he takes his marching orders from Zane Kessler, a radical environmental activist who serves as executive director at the Thompson Divide Coalition, which works to cancel existing and prevent future oil and gas leases in wilderness areas.

At a private fundraiser, Bennet proudly announced that Zane Kessler “has told me everything that I am supposed to do every step of the way” regarding restricting oil and gas exploration in the Thompson Divide, an approximate 250,000-acre region on the Western Slope. That might come as a surprise to some on the West Slope who rely on oil and gas leases for their job. Just watch:

That Bennet is beholden to special interests like Kessler’s group should come as no surprise, but voters should be dismayed that Bennet would embrace such job-killing policies. Beneath Bennet’s “aw shucks” demeanor is just another liberal, eager to deprive Coloradans of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.