money pileDemocratic State Sen. Irene Aguilar can’t figure out why we voted down Amendment 69 by 80 percent to 20 percent and rejected the creation of yet another government-run health care fiasco. She is already planning to revive the referendum that died shortly after it was born, in the hopes we might fall for it a second time.

“My hopes are that we have raised awareness among the people in our state and really in our country about the fact that we have enough money to provide health care for everybody,” said Aguilar.

First, she wants to conduct a sort of post-mortem to figure out what went wrong, but we’ll save her the trouble.

We did not then, and will not in the future, choose to fork over enough taxes out of our payroll and other fees to give the state $25 billion a year to destroy our health care needs and put our doctors out of business.