tancredo-safe-spaceIn some good-natured ribbing of Colorado State University students protesting Donald Trump’s election, former Congressman Tom Tancredo and four kindred spirits showed up at the Ft. Collins Peace and Solidarity Rally, hosted by Rams Against Trump, on Saturday.  According to organizers, hundreds, maybe up to 1,000, attended.

We’re not sure if Tom Tancredo was counted in the organizers’ robust RSVP list, but we cannot imagine that anyone who attended could have missed seeing Tancredo’s small, but spirited, display.

The centerpiece of Tancredo’s clever counter-protest was a “safe space” in the form of a crib.  For those of you who graduated college more than 15 years ago, a safe space is an area on campus where a student can be shielded from words, images, or actions that could hurt his or her feelings.  These safe spaces are ubiquitous on campuses today (and we wonder why so many grads are ill-prepared for the real world).

Additionally, Tancredo offered pacifiers and security blankets for $1 each.  The group also offered transportation to the anti-Trump rally – in a stroller.  No word yet from Tancredo, Inc. how sales were. Here are Tancredo’s observations of the day:

“Took my merry band to Ft. Collins to protest the anti Trump protesters. About 1000 of them and 4 of us so the sides were about even. Loads of fun. Lots of arguments but no bigger hassles. At times it was like a massive yoga class with breathing exercises and all. The last speaker I heard was paying homage to her service CAT that she had named Bernie. There really are two Americas. One is looking for a “safe space” and the other looking for the freedom to live their lives without the burden of government. What interesting times in which we live.”
Ft. Collins residents have been outward in expressing their grief over Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run, with The Coloradoan reporting “a vigil” hosted by MoveOn.org on Wednesday night, followed by a more impromptu assembly of protesters holding anti-Trump signs on Thursday, as well as an event on Thursday evening at CSU’s Diversity House.