Hillary Rodham ClintonNow that the presidential election is over, what’s next for Hillary?

Government and congressional investigations.
That means Platte River Networks is still on the hook for pending subpoenas from the House Science and Technology Committee, which is also working the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

ABC News reports that it’s still a top priority for Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, who chairs the House panel, and the committee is still in discussions with Platte River Network to comply with the subpoena.

Those Colorado businessman have an immunity deal with the Obama administration’s Justice Department so long as they cooperate in the investigation of Hillary’s emails, but they don’t have that deal with Congress and face jail time if they don’t cooperate with the subpoena.

Smith has already indicated he will hold Platte River officials in contempt of Congress if they do not comply, which if passed carries jail time.

Since Hillary’s ascension to the White House is never gonna happen, the jig is up and now is the time for the server company to come clean about the emails they destroyed.