Stan Heister

Stan Heister

CMU President Tim Foster took a professor to the woodshed for a well-deserved spanking after an internal review showed the educator invited Hillary’s camp into the classroom to recruit students.

Turns out, this was the second time that Assistant Professor Stan Heister has invited Work for Progress into his class to hire campaign workers, reports the Daily Sentinel.

Foster spanked Heister right on the wallet, suspending his climb to tenure for a two-year probationary period and excluded him from cost-of-living raises.

In his memo to Heister, Foster wrote that he had “recklessly” invited the speaker who promoted a specific political candidate, and had a “subsequent failure to assume responsibility and lack of candor.”

We’re not sure why Heister wasn’t fired, after all, he broke school policy and state law, the Sentinel reports.

Perhaps Hillary losing the White House to Trump is punishment enough for a college professor.