A Boulder liberal inexplicably destroyed his own car. Credit: Journalist Mitchell Byers.

If you need more evidence of the bizarre political atmosphere in Boulder look no further.  Last night, the Integral Center for Yoga in Boulder hosted a panel discussion that featured Donald Trump voters, and the environment was so hostile for people who support the president-elect the panelists were anonymous, and no photography or recording was permitted.  So intriguing were these specimens on display, that it was a standing room only crowd in attendance.

We get the interest in feedback from opposing sides after an election, but what’s with the anonymous panel?  Well, according to one of the panelists, “There are very real fears about being exiled from the community.”  So much for the tolerant people in Boulder.

Maybe the reaction in Boulder is actually in line with hard-core leftists across the nation.  Instead of regrouping and assessing their situation (remember the much-ridiculed Republican “autopsy” report after 2012), Democrats have just gone off the rails:

  • People who didn’t vote for Hillary this time were racist
  • Cry-in sessions at colleges complete with school-supplied blankets, Kleenex, and hot chocolate
  • This guy defacing his own car in Boulder
  • #NotOurPresident ramblings leading to protests and riots
  • Petitions for presidential electors to defect and vote Hillary
  • Burning of New Balance sneakers after the company, which makes its shoes in the United States, applauded Trump’s “fairer” trade
  • Boycott of Trump-branded properties by NBA teams

And the list goes on. 

Perhaps we should not have been surprised that the widespread Democrat post-election meltdown came to our state as well, but the left’s collective temper tantrum after losing is disappointing.