Sen. Ray Scott

Sen. Ray Scott

That didn’t take long.

The ink was barely dry on the federal government’s decision to renege on the leases they issued in the Thompson Divide Area, now it looks like that move might get Trumped.

Republican Sen. Ray Scott of Grand Junction says it will be a whole new day for Westerners once Trump takes the keys to the White House

“All of these decision made by the Obama administration, in my opinion, are going to be reviewed very, very closely, especially as it relates to public lands.”

“If you and I were making investments from Houston, Texas, I don’t think I want to invest in a state where the federal government can just come in and take leases away or make it so difficult to produce the energy that the operators say you can just have the leases back, which is what happened on the Roan,” he said.

David Ludlam, the executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, echoes our thoughts on the move when he calls it a last-ditch effort to secure a victory for their bitter environmental base.

“The outcome of this month’s election broadens the range of possible responses our industry may have in relation to this unprecedented breach of contract,” he said in a statement emailed to UPI.

Just like the new regulations unleashed on the natural gas industry earlier this week, we expect to see a lot more of these punitive moves on behalf of the Democrat’s green base, at the ultimate expensive to those of us who have to pay for the regulations in increased costs to energy.

Oh wait, no we don’t. There’s a new day dawning in Washington.