BeauprezOne day after we first reported that rancher and former gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez had been interviewed for a top Interior post in the Trump administration, environmental activists have him in their crosshairs with their tired rhetoric.

It’s the usual insults and name-calling from liberals who wear diaper pins in solidarity and riot for safe spaces when their candidate is not elected president.

Now they don’t seem to comprehend that when their candidate looses the election, they also loose the right to name the new cabinet secretaries and presidential appointees.

Pete Maysmith at Conservation Colorado, for example, says Beauprez can’t be Interior secretary because he’s “too extreme.”

In other words Beauprez doesn’t blame every drought, flood, snowstorm, forest fire, hurricane, sandstorm or cloudy day on climate change.

He won’t shut down public lands to multiple use, and he’s highly unlikely to appoint radical environmentalists to run the rest of us off public lands. No wonder environmentalists don’t like him.

If the greenies want to see Mark Udall or Gov. Hickenlooper as their next Interior Secretary, they should try winning the presidential election first. Until then, they need to accept the fact that a Republican, and possibly Beauprez, will lead the Interior Department.