Obama Kyle Clark interview feature picIt looks like the energy industry isn’t just rolling over for Obama’s last-minute rule-making decisions before he’s out of the White House in eight weeks.

In spite of the Interior Department’s decision last week to renege on its lease agreement to develop energy in certain areas of the Thompson Divide, SG Interests is back in line, drilling permit in hand.

The BLM lease cancellation does not end the issue of future oil and gas development in the Thompson Divide, because SG still owns the leasing rights in 9,200 acres, the company explained.

With Trump moving into the White House, the company is banking on a bright new day and a speedier approval process on their new permit, says David Ludlam, executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Zane Kessler, former Bennet minion and director of the environmental group that led the effort to cancel the previous leases, was aghast that anyone still wants to drill for gas and heat homes, and says they will fight it.

We expected nothing less, but anticipate a more fair process this time around.