epaThat temporary wastewater treatment plant the EPA threatened to shut down unless Colorado cried “uncle!” and allowed them to turn Silverton into a Superfund site, well, the EPA now says it’s needed even longer than originally thought.

This comes as no surprise, because everything takes longer than the EPA originally thought. If the EPA were God creating the universe, it would have taken 7000 years, not seven days.

But we digress.

The EPA says it wants to keep operating the temporary system, so it is now consulting with itself on doing so, and will get back to itself in the next month or so to determine if this is in fact what it wants to do.

The temporary system is a bargain with operational costs of only $16,000 a week, the EPA now says.

The total price tag of the cleanup so far of the mine waste disaster caused by the EPA is $29 million. We can’t wait to hear how that is a bargain.